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Plunging Sweetheart Floral Lace Glitter A-line Wedding Dress

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Fresh and feminine, this A-line tulle dress is embroidered with delicate floral motifs, features a plunging sweetheart neckline and beaded spaghetti straps. The glitter tulle underneath adds a touch of irresistible sparkle. Dress shown in ivory/pink.

  • materials: satin, lace, swiss tulle, glitter tulle, netting 
  • type: a line dress
  • built in bra
  • sweetheart neckline  
  • train as shown

*longer train is available in 2,3 or 4 feet lengths for an additional cost, please contact us add to your order.

We are an online bridal retailer keeping the costs affordable to you. You can feel confident about your beautiful wedding dress purchase with us, our talented and experienced teams of pattern makers, cutters and seamstresses are ready to make your dream dress. Using quality fabrics that have the luxury and comfort made for the modern bride.


When you choose your dress with us, we take careful consideration in verifying sizing, color choices and any other details that may need to be addressed.

On our dress pages, you can choose a size, color if available or click the custom size button. Whenever anyone chooses a size instead of submitting measurements, the dress is still made to order and the standard size chart measurements will be used.

Once you place your dress order, we will send a email to verify your size and color information.

People ask about the risk of buying online and not being able to try on the dress. We recommend you go to a local bridal shop to try on wedding dress styles to find your dream dress style, then shop online for a wider selection and with better knowledge and understanding of what style dress looks best on you. Use the online model photos as a guide. Some models will be holding a dress out or the full train is spread out, this is to show the dress detail to the customer.

After you place an online order with us, your order is sent to the dress making team and they start the process. First the fabric is cut based on your measurements, then the basic seams are sewn. Next, if there is any under skirting, it is sewn into the garment. Any embellishments like beading, bows, pleats, embroidery or lace is added and your dress is completed and ready for inspection.


Your delivery date is an ESTIMATE. Most dresses arrive by quoted date but sometimes there can be delays in the shipping chain. Made to order dresses take time to make, there may be other orders ahead of you. Check with us before you order to receive a delivery estimated date. This is an ESTIMATE based on current orders and shipping times and is it not a guarantee.

Your Dress Has Arrived

Your dress has shipped inside out to avoid damage. Carefully turn the dress right side out. We recommend using gloves to avoid any marks on your dress. Hang the dress up right away. If you do not have a rack tall enough to hang dress on, use a sheet on the floor that the train or skirt may rest on.

If this is your first experience with buying a wedding dress, please note that wedding dresses are not like regular gowns. They can be stiff because of multiple layers, hand sewn embellishments which need a stiff fabric to sew onto, tulle underskirts or lace that is sewn on the dress material may also be stiff. Wedding gowns are sewn to withstand pressure and keeping everything in during your event. Bra pads are made with polyester firm material so nothing shows through a dress.

The dress a LET seam which is an important part of your dress, in case you need to let the dress in or out. Please be prepared to have some alterations done to your dress. You should do final fitting locally close to your wedding date where the dress may be adjusted to your current body sizing for the most snug fit on your special day. Because your dress was shipped and not hanging in a dress shop, your dress may need to be pressed to get wrinkles out. Never use an iron on a dress and only the top outer layer should be pressed using a steam presser with a white cloth underneath so the presser does not come into direct contact with the fabric. Petticoats may also be needed for fuller ball gowns in order to puff out a skirt.

The Day

You have made it through all the planning and your day has arrived, enjoy it, enjoy your friends and family that have come to celebrate with you.

Dress Sizing Chart

Standard Size
US Size 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
UK Size 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Europe Size 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
32 1/2 83 33 1/2 84 34 1/2 88 35 1/2 90 36 1/2 93 38 97 39 1/2 100 41 104
25 1/2 65 26 1/2 67 27 1/2 70 28 1/2 72 29 1/2 75 31 79 32 1/2 83 34 86
35 3/4 91 36 3/4 93 37 3/4 96 38 3/4 98 39 3/4 101 41 1/4 105 42 3/4 109 44 1/4 112
Hollow to Hem
58 147 58 147 59 150 59 150 60 152 60 152 61 155 61 155
63 160 65 160 65 165 65 165 67 170 67 170 69 175 69 175

Plus Size Dress Size

Plus Size (US) 14W 16W 18W 20W 22W 24W 26W
UK Size 18W 20W 22W 24W 26W 28W 30W
Europe Size 44W 46W 48W 50W 52W 54W 56W
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
41 104 43 109 45 114 47 119 49 124 51 130 53 135
34 86 36 1/2 92 38 3/4 98 40 3/4 104 43 109 45 1/2 115 47 1/2 121
43 1/2 110 45 1/2 116 47 11/2 121 49 1/2 126 51 1/2 131 53 1/2 136 55 1/2 141
Hollow to Hem
61 155 61 155 61 155 61 155 61 155 61 155 61 155
69 175 69 175 69 175 69 175 69 175 69 175 69 175


Sizing and Fit - HOW TO MEASURE

Measure with undergarments similar to those you will wear with your dress; do not measure over other clothing. Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor and pulled evenly across the body with no slack. 

We recommend our Brides compare their measurements to those of the dress they’re interested in purchasing. Bridal gowns are sized differently than your street clothes. Bridal gowns are made to accommodate alterations and can typically be taken in 2 sizes and let out 1-2 sizes (unless otherwise noted). If you are greater than a C cup, note that a bigger size is better.  You may want to consider getting professionally measured. If your sizing is in between a size chart measurement, for example you measure 39 3/4 inch, go to the next size, ie. 40 for your measurement.

We recommend our Brides compare their measurements to those of the dress they’re interested in purchasing. Bridal gowns are sized differently than your street clothes. Bridal gowns are made to accommodate alterations and can typically be taken in 2-4 sizes and let out 1-2 sizes (unless otherwise noted). Also, if you are greater than a C cup, note that a bigger size is better. 


Bust: Do not use your bra size for a bust measurement. With a tape measure fullest part of the bust, across the nipple line. Be sure to keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. Wear a bra similar to the bra you will be wearing with your dress. 

Waist/Natural Waist: Smallest part of the waist, usually 1 inch above navel. While standing straight up, bend to your side. The part where your waist creases is your natural waist. Mark the spot, stand up and then measure there.

Hips: Fullest part of the buttocks. Stand with both feet together.

Shoulder to Shoulder: take the measurement on the back from one end of the shoulder to the other, do not pull a straight line, follow the natural curve of your body.

Hollow to Floor: Standing with bare feet flat and straight together, bring the tape measure to the hollow space between your collarbones (just below the chin and neck there is a little indent - that is the hollow), put the tape measure straight down to the floor and stop at the length your dress will be and that tape measurement will be your hollow to floor number, just 1 number.

Arm Measurements:

how to measure arm sizing for a dress

  • Arm Length - shoulder point to natural slightly bent arm to wrist is your sleeve length.
  • Armpit - measure around fullest part of upper arm.  
  • Wrist - use a fabric tape measure or a piece of paper, wrap it around where you would wear a bracelet, put end together and that is your wrist size number.

Almost everyone will require some alterations by a professional seamstress.  It is always better to purchase a dress that is a little bigger than one that is too small. We recommend you purchase a gown that fits your largest measurement, and have the dress taken in.

dress chart


Leave us your custom sizing or standard size and we confirm your dress size and color within 24 hours of purchase.  

If you require a custom consultation, please contact us with your questions.

Handling and Care - please use professional services to clean and store your dress, fabrics are delicate and need professional care.  All dresses are inspected before shipping and are shipped inside out to avoid any damage while being shipped.

Please keep in mind, dresses are uniquely made to order specifically for you to keep costs low for you.  If you are unsure of size, choose one size larger and bring the dress to a local tailor to custom fit your body type.  Please double check your measurements and color choice before ordering.  Petticoats and undergarments are not included and may be purchased separately.  We do offer up to $50.00 towards a seam alteration made within 30 days of receiving a dress on a case by case basis.

*exceptions apply to certain countries, free shipping may not be available.
How to measure your dress size - 

How to measure your dress size




About Us

Welcome to Tulle Lux Bridal Crowns & Accessories, a retail business dedicated to the bridal and special event industries.  In 2017, Tulle Lux Bridal Crowns & Accessories was founded by a vibrant energetic duo with backgrounds in weddings, special events and fashion.  As a company, we have developed our valued relationships with our family of small businesses, presenting their products to you. Our mission is to create equity in our global marketplace for small business owners who can supply customers with products made in a sustainable production process. 

Tulle Lux is not a manufacture. We are an independent USA registered online e-commerce company that has grown our footprint across four continents and ship to over 85 countries worldwide. We collaborate with talented individuals of registered businesses who produce quality products from across the USA, Europe, Asia, UK, Turkey and Australia.  We offer a one-stop shopping experience where you can choose your price level, we offer premium products as well as budget friendly products. 

Our knowledgable customer care team is made up of dedicated individuals to assist you with product information, shipping details, custom requests and more.

Tulle Lux prioritizes the well being, health and equal opportunities of a working environment that respects diversity for all employees and their safety from our business partnerships.  Our approach and commitment to reduce unnecessary material waste by understanding our environment and the impact of producing mass quantities leads us to our initiative of associating with businesses who produce to conserve resources and promote sustainability in our industry.  As a business, we recognize a global workforce and strive to make a positive impact on society and the communities around us.

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Processing and Shipping - Our made to order dresses take time to make and ship.   Please check with us for estimated delivery dates before you order.  Some dresses may come sooner but it depends on the dress you order, they are all made to order and some dresses may take longer to complete.  Every dress has a final inspection before packaging and shipping. Starting the production process for made to order clothing, our vendor cuts the fabric only after you place your order, which means less waste and it keeps the cost down for you. All dresses are shipped inside out to avoid damage and are rolled tightly and shipped in plastic dust bags for the most efficient method of shipping. Upon receiving your dress you should immediately hang the dress up. There will be wrinkles but they should come out in a few days of hanging up your outfit.

Returns - please see our return policy (here) for full details on returns.

Changes to orders - we begin processing your order as soon as it is placed in order to deliver to you as soon as possible.  After 24 hours changes may not be able to be made on a order.

Order Cancellations - orders may be cancelled up to 24 hours from payment for a refund on orders that have not been processed already or are in transit.

Dress Order FAQ's Q & A

Q.  I don't like the fit, what can I do?

Our dresses are newly tailored just for you.  Everyone has different figure features. To ensure your dress fits, most dresses have a 1 inch seam for your local tailor to take in or let out dress seams. 

We do offer up to $50.00 towards a seam alteration made within 30 days of receiving a dress on a case by case basis.  We do not take return on dresses for sizing when customer has provided their sizing to us.

Q. I don't like the color, what can I do?

Some fabrics show differently depending on lighting, computer monitors, angles of photo. Slight color differences are not color defects or wrong delivery.  However, if you receive the wrong color dress, contact us immediately.

Q. This dress doesn't look like the one I ordered, what can I do?

Every customer has a different consumption level. We prepare the dress according to the dress details on the site. The photos on our site are professional models made in size 2 or 4 for the dresses (except plus size).  The same dress in larger sizing may look slightly different.  

Q. My zipper is not zipping, what can I do?

Some dresses with thick seams or invisible zippers may not easily zip up when first tried. When you zip up, pull the zipper slowly and carefully.  If the zipper gets stuck, pull the zipper backwards and forwards to adjust the teeth. if the zipper breaks, please bring to a local tailor to fix.

Q. My dress has a mark on it, what can I do?

All dresses are inspected before shipping. Dress will ship inside out to avoid marks.  If there is a mark from the processing of tailoring, these marks can be removed with a tiny bit of clothing soap.  Rub gently just on the mark with a damp soft towel and soap or get advice from a professional cleaner.  

Q. What does Made To Order mean? A made to order piece is only made up when an order is placed saving consumers money and being eco-friendly with sustainable fashion alternative to mass produced clothing. Each piece is made for a specific person in their size by the information provided to us.  In general Made To Order clothing is not returnable for these reasons and only returnable for true defects or wrong item.