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About Us

Welcome to Tulle Lux Bridal Crowns & Accessories, a retail business dedicated to the bridal and special event industries.  In 2017, Tulle Lux Bridal Crowns & Accessories was founded by a vibrant energetic duo with backgrounds in weddings, special events and fashion.  As a company, we have developed our valued relationships with our family of small businesses, presenting their products to you. Our mission is to create equity in our global marketplace for small business owners who can supply customers with products made in a sustainable production process. 

Tulle Lux is not a manufacture. We are an independent USA registered online e-commerce company that has grown our footprint across four continents and ship to over 85 countries worldwide. We collaborate with talented individuals of registered businesses who produce quality products from across the USA, Europe, Asia, UK, Turkey and Australia.  We offer a one-stop shopping experience where you can choose your price level, we offer premium products as well as budget friendly products. 

Our knowledgable customer care team is made up of dedicated individuals to assist you with product information, shipping details, custom requests and more.

Tulle Lux prioritizes the well being, health and equal opportunities of a working environment that respects diversity for all employees and their safety from our business partnerships.  Our approach and commitment to reduce unnecessary material waste by understanding our environment and the impact of producing mass quantities leads us to our initiative of associating with businesses who produce to conserve resources and promote sustainability in our industry.  As a business, we recognize a global workforce and strive to make a positive impact on society and the communities around us.

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