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Silver Princess Tiara Crown

All You Need to Know About the Silver Princess Tiara Crown

Throughout history, women and jewelry have played a significant role - be it a reason for wars or pleasing kings of other territories with expensive gifts. 

Among all the jewelry available today, Tiara holds a special place. Be it for the queen of the empire or a lady wanting to feel special. A tiara never fails to add that extra charm to a lady’s beauty.   

In today’s time, people buy crowns and tiaras not only for aesthetic purposes but also for investment and gifting them to someone for a special occasion. Moreover, you can also buy a silver princess crown to acknowledge milestones, achievements, celebrations, and ceremonies. 

The craze and popularity of the silver tiara crown have been there for a long, but people generally get confused about which one they should opt for - pure silver or sterling silver. 

In this blog, we will discuss sterling silver jewelry, why it is expensive, different types of silver jewelry, and a list of occasions when you can wear a tiara. 

So, let’s get started quickly! 

What is sterling silver jewelry? How is it different from silver?

If you are wondering what sterling jewelry is, how it is different from silver, and if it is even silver, then we got you! 

As simple, we can say that sterling silver is nothing but an alloyed form of silver comparatively more preferred to make jewelry and other metalwork.

Pure silver or fine silver is 99.9% silver, while sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. As sterling silver has 92.5% of silver, it gets the hallmark stamp of “925 silver”. 

Sterling silver is more preferred for jewelry making, including crowns and tiaras, as copper makes silver harden and more durable without compromising the color. Plus, sterling silver is a perfect choice as the metal will not rust or perish, and if you take care properly, you can pass the jewelry to the younger generation too. 

The only problem with sterling silver is that the copper in it will result in quick tarnish and metal turning dark brown or black in the long run. The great news is that you can easily clean sterling silver. It won’t rush or perish with regular use. 

Why is sterling silver so expensive?

It depends on your perspective: If you see, sterling silver is way much cheaper than silver, gold, or platinum, but if you compare it with “plated silver” jewelry, you will find it expensive. 

Here are the reasons why sterling silver is expensive: 

  •  More durable: 

When you invest in sterling silver, you can rest assured that it will last longer. All you need is to look after it carefully. On average, it can last up to 20 years if you have invested in high quality. 

  •  Evergreen Fashion: 

The reason to invest in sterling silver is its evergreen element. Even if you have bought a silver princess crown for your wedding 20 years ago, it will still be relative and trending in today’s time. 

  •  Endless Options to Choose From: 

Sterling silver is comparatively soft with the right level of malleability and versatility. With all these properties, you can find ample options to choose from, be it a ring, bracelet, necklace, locket, or bridal crown.  

  •  Hypoallergenic Metal: 

Another reason for being famous for sterling silver is its hypoallergenic properties. If you have sensitive skin, it won’t be a problem. Get all the safety and comfort of wearing jewelry without rashes with sterling silver.

Different types of Silver Jewelry: 

There are many types of silver jewelry available in the market. We have discussed a few of them in brief here. 

  • Britannia Silver: 

Introduced by King William III of British in 1696, Britannia silver consists of an alloy of 95.84% silver and 4% copper, also referred to as “wrought plate.” 

The first time this standard was presented to maximize the extracting and dissolving of sterling silver coinage.

  • Fine Silver Jewelry: 

Also, it is known as pure silver, fine silver jewelry made of 99.9% silver and .1% other elements. It is white and lustrous and can be formed into delicate beautiful jewelry pieces while being hypoallergenic.  

However, this is not generally used in jewelry as fine silver jewelry loses its shape quickly and is not a durable jewelry choice except for earrings and pendants. You can find the hallmark or stamp of .999 or .999FS on fine silver jewelry. 

  • Sterling Silver Jewelry: 

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver has been the most popular silver alloy for centuries and the standard silver alloy in most parts of the world. It’s 92.5% pure silver with 7.5% copper, resulting in it into a more durable and wearable metal. 

However, sterling silver jewelry tarnishes while becoming dark as it oxidizes. The good part is that it’s easy to clean the tarnish. Sometimes jewelers use it to make patterns and designs. 

Earlier, the mark for sterling silver was STG, STERLING, or STER. The new marking are .925 or .925 STG. Sterling silver jewelry is most likely hypoallergenic, but nickel and other metals can cause some allergies in rare cases. It is sometimes rhodium plated for the whiteness, brilliance, and durability of the metal, resulting in a higher value of the piece while preventing tarnishing. 

  • Argentium Silver Jewelry: 

Argentium silver is a modern silver alloy especially made to be more durable and tarnish-resistant than sterling silver. In other words, we can say that it is an upgraded version of sterling silver. 

It has two grades: 93.2% and 96%. As Argentium silver is a brand, only authorized jewelers can use the flying unicorn stamp and sell this type of silver. However, Argentium is more expensive than other types of silver available in the market. 

  • Nickel Silver Jewelry: 

Nickel silver can be used in costume jewelry, and the word silver is used here only for silver-like color - this is not actual silver at all.  

Many people think it is silver, but in reality, it contains 60% copper, 20% nickel, and 20% zinc. It is easy to shape for elaborate designs but not hypoallergenic, so you must be careful. Nickel silver is underhandedly sold under the names of German Silver, Alpaca Silver, and Argentan Silver. 

  • Silver Plated Jewelry: 

As the name suggests, silver plated jewelry is just a thin layer of silver coat over a base metal. Silver plated jewelry is a perfect fit for inexpensive costume jewelry, but it won’t last long as silver plating will wear out over a while. Moreover, it’s not hypoallergenic. 

  • Silver Filled Jewelry: 

In simple words, silver-filled jewelry has a heavier layer of silver than silver-plated jewelry. This type of silver became popular 10 years ago when silver prices surged during the recession. 

Silver-filled jewelry contains a minimum of 5 to 10 percent silver bonded onto the base metal. However, as silver prices have dropped, it’s hard to find silver-filled jewelry. 

  • Tribal Silver Jewelry

Tribal silver jewelry is used in exotic jewelry designs. There are different types of metals used in tribal silver jewelry. As nickel silver, some patterns may not contain any silver at all. 

Always check with the retailer about the metals used in the tribal silver jewelry as regulations can differ in the country from where the metal is coming, and the silver may also contain hazardous metals like lead. 

  • Coin Silver Jewelry

Once upon a time, coin silver was a commonly used silver alloy in the US, but then sterling silver took over some time. 

Because of its name, many people may think that coin silver is/was used to make the coins, but that is not the case. The name is because this kind of silver was made by recycling old coins containing actual silver. 

Coin silver is 90% pure silver in its composition, and the rest 10% is copper. Coin silver has a .900 stamp and is tough to find nowadays. 

What are some occasions that you could wear a tiara?

Silver Princess Tiara Crown

  • Your Wedding Day: 

Wearing a tiara at your wedding is way more common than you think. It is your day, and you deserve to feel all loved and special on this day. To have a perfect tiara on your head gives you all the power, confidence, and charm you need to sparkle with grace. Choose a bridal crown that matches your dress, veil, and jewelry. 

  • Mother’s Day: 

Every mother is a Queen of their children’s house, and thus you have all the right to place a precious silver tiara crown on your head. Appreciate yourself for all the love and care you have given to your children. 

  • Your Birthday: 

Your birthday is another great day to carry a silver princess crown. Celebrate all your achievements you have accomplished and cheer for a stunned and promising future ahead with a tiara. 

  • New Year's Eve: 

The new year is about to celebrate the upcoming year, so anything sparkling works for the day. Be it a party at your home or visiting a club, you have all the rights to shine with crowns and tiaras

  • International Tiara Day: 

Last but not least, May 24th is celebrated as International Tiara Day each year as to tribute to Queen Victoria's birthday. Because crowns and tiaras lovers have limited occasions to wear tiaras. This day is for all of them to have a silver princess crown on their head and feel empowered. 

On this day, you can wear whichever tiara you like. It is a silver tiara crown or bridal crown, and feel capable, empowered, and intelligent.


There is a whole un-ending world of beautiful crowns and tiaras and more options to choose it. As you now know, the history, types, and occasions of wearing a silver tiara crown, this is the best time to make a sound decision and buy your favorite tiara. 

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