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Military & First Responder Brides Discounts

Military & First Responder Brides Discounts

Tulle Lux Bridal Crowns & Accessories Military & First Responders Brides - be sure to ask for your discount code on your order!  Thank you for your service!
tulle lux bridal crowns military first responder discounts
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  • Posted by Allie Pruitt on

    Hello! Id like to place an order soon and I am a 2nd Lt in the Air Force. Please let me know how I can get the discount!

  • Posted by Grace kalisa on

    Please I need to know how I can apply for first responders discount. I am interested in a wedding dress

  • Posted by Anh bui on

    I am very interested in one of the bridal gowns and noticed there is a discount for fire responders! May I ask what kind of a discount is it? And how do I show proof? Thank you!

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