How to Take Body Measurements  For A Wedding Dress

How to Take Body Measurements For A Wedding Dress

Wedding dress sizes vary from regular everyday clothing sizes.

In order to choose the right size you need to know how to measure yourself. 

Self measurement is easier with someone to help hold the tape and write down the numbers.  If you find a local professional alterations person to take the dress measurements, be sure to bring a photo of the dress and the shoes and undergarments you will be wearing.

Most wedding dresses are made to be taken in and need some alterations when you get the dress.  

It is easier to take in fabric than let out fabric, which makes getting one size up from your wedding dress size something you may consider and a professional alterations persons can advise you when they see the dress photo.

So let's talk about how to measure yourself.

 tulle lux

tulle lux

A typical sizing chart looks like this - 

tulle lux 

A couple thing to expect when body measuring- 

Expect your dress size to be 2 to 4 sizes larger than the size you normally wear.  Most gowns are made to be taken in 2 to 3 inches but only be taken out 1 to 2 inches. 

If you are unsure about gaining a little weight, choose a dress that has a lace up back rather than a zipper.  This gives you much more leeway for fabric to give.

Mermaid and trumpet dresses are the least forgiving.  They are often a tight fit so you really have to know your size.


Ball gowns are more adaptable to fit.


Sleeveless gowns are great option if unsure of sleeve sizing.

 A-line dresses are most common and flattering to most figures.


Column dress can be simple and elegant, and lend themselves to tall and narrow body types.


For informal receptions, tea length dresses flatter most figures.

Whatever your figure, there is a dress out there for you.  

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