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Dress Silhouettes  & Train Sizes

Dress Silhouettes & Train Sizes

A quick guide for the bride,  wedding dress silhouette and train styles. There are more dress and train style but this covers the most popular used today. The most popular unique wedding dresses are a-line ball gowns and mermaid dresses. Depending on your style and the type of wedding, this will ...
New Bridal Fashion Trend, Shoulder Shawls for 2021

New Bridal Fashion Trend, Shoulder Shawls for 2021

2021 Bridal trends of adding a shoulder shawl or shrug to your wedding day attire can add glamour, elegance and give you a bridal accessory you can easily remove or add on during your event.  Adding a wrap or shawls to your bridesmaid dresses can add color and a great keepsake gift they can wear ...