Summer White Princess Flower Girls Costume Dress For Girls Wedding Clothing

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Kid Size

Lace applique flower girls dress in seven colors to match your wedding party featuring lace applique on the skirt and bodice, dress for girls.

  • Material: cotton, polyester, lace
  • Color:  7 colors
  • Style: flower girls dress
  • Sleeveless
  • Back bow design
  • Decorative lace applique on bodice and skirt
  • Custom made to order
  • No bra
  • Natural waistline
  • O neckline
  • 3/4 Length 

We are an online bridal retailer keeping the costs affordable to you. You can feel confident about your beautiful wedding dress purchase with us because we work with dressmakers whom have a minimum of 7 or more years in business making dresses so we know the product will be accurate, well made for you.


When you choose your dream dress with us, we take careful consideration in verifying sizing, color choices and any other details that may need to be addressed.

On our dress pages, you can choose a size, color if available or click the custom size button. Whenever anyone chooses a size instead of submitting measurements, the dress is still made to order and the standard size chart measurements will be used.

Once you "Add to Cart" and place your dress order, we will send our email or text asking for your measurements within 24 hours of your order. Once we hear back from you, you will receive a "Thank You" for your measurements email or text so you can be sure we got your information. If you do not get the "Thank You" email from, please contact us. If we do not hear back from you after 48 hours we cannot hold up the order any longer and the dressmaker will use the standard measurements for your dream dress. Your dress is still made to order with or without your sizing.

People ask about the risk of buying online and not being able to try on the dress. We recommend you go to a local bridal shop to try on wedding dress styles to find your dream dress style, then shop online for a wider selection and with better knowledge and understanding of what style dress looks best on you. Use the online model photos as a guide. Some models will be holding a dress out or the full train is spread out, this is to show the dress detail to the customer.

After you place an online order with us, your order is sent to the dressmaker. First they confirm with us your information, then they start the process. First the fabric is cut based on your measurements, then the basic seams are sewn. Next, if there is any under skirting, it is sewn into the garment. Any embellishments like beading, bows, pleats, embroidery or lace is added and your dress is completed and ready for inspection.


Your delivery date is an ESTIMATE. Most dresses arrive by quoted date but sometimes there can be delays in the shipping chain. Made to order dresses take time to make, there may be other orders ahead of you. We need at least 35 days or more to complete the made to order dress process. Plan ahead and you will receive a beautiful dress that would cost much more in a brick and mortar shop. The more hand sewing and complicated bead work on a dress means more time to make the dress. If you have doubts you will receive your dress on time, please contact us before you order and we can give you the estimated delivery date. Again, it is an ESTIMATE based on current orders and shippers, the estimated date is it not a guarantee.

Your Dress Has Arrived

Your dress has shipped inside out to avoid damage. Carefully turn the dress right side out. We recommend using gloves to avoid any marks on your dress. Hang the dress up right away. If you do not have a rack tall enough to hang dress on, use a sheet on the floor that the train or skirt may rest on.

If this is your first experience with buying a wedding dress, please note that wedding dresses are not like regular gowns. They can be stiff because of multiple layers, hand sewn embellishments which need a stiff fabric to sew onto, tulle underskirts or lace that is sewn on the dress material. Wedding gowns are sewn to withstand pressure and keeping everything in during your event. Bra pads are made with polyester firm material so nothing shows through a dress.

The dress a LET seam which is an important part of your dress, in case you need to let the dress in or out. Please be prepared to have some alterations done to your dress. Just like if you bought a wedding dress from a local retail bridal shop there is always a final fitting close to your wedding date where the dress is adjusted to your current body sizing for the most snug fit on your special day. Because your dress was shipped and not hanging in a dress shop, your dress may need to be pressed to have the full skirt effect. Petticoats may also be needed for fuller ball gowns.

The Day

You have made it through all the planning and your day has arrived, enjoy it, enjoy your friends and family that have come to celebrate with you.

Things You Need To Know Before Ordering Your Dress A Reminder About Custom Dresses - Processing and Shipping - We suggest that you allow a 30 - 60 day window for your order to be processed and shipped to you. Some dresses may come sooner but it depends on the dress...

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