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What Are The Length Differences Between Wedding Dress Trains?

What Are The Length Differences Between Wedding Dress Trains?

How do you choose the right train for your wedding day? Some may think by the type of occasion it is or the style and how much formality you are going for, either way there are some things you should know about wedding dress trains.

There are six basic train styles, some more popular than others.  The most common train we see today is the Sweep Train.

sweep train wedding dress

The Sweep Train is the shortest train and is called Sweep or Brush train because in effect it just brushes the floor and sweeps around as you move.  These are easy trains to walk in and stay in for a reception. These trains typically extend about 30 centimeters out from the back of the wedding dress skirt.

 sweeep train wedding dress

Next we have the Court Train which can be between 30 to 50 centimeters in length and lend themselves perfectly to a semi-formal wedding. The term Court Train came from a dress that you would wear to a court for a ceremony.

court train wedding dress

court train wedding dress

The Chapel Train is 50 to 80 centimeters in length and can be used for either a semi-formal or formal wedding. It creates a like floating on air look as you walk down the aisle, it is much longer and wider than the sweep and court trains.

The Cathedral Train is long at 80 to 130 centimeters in length and is appropriate for formal church weddings.  Usually after the church ceremony the train can be bustled so you can move around at the reception with ease. 

cathedral train wedding dress

A Royal Train or a Monarch Train is over 130 centimeters and used mostly for large formal weddings, you can picture royalty being escorted down a long church aisle with their dress being held by attendants trailing long behind the bride.

 royal train wedding dress

An unusual wedding dress train is the Watteau Train which often is associated with a Grecian goddess style dress.  The Watteau is attached to the upper shoulder area in the back and flows like long drapes from the dress.  They are all unique depending on where the Watteau is attached and the length can vary to fit the dress style. 

Watteau train wedding dress

The wedding dress no train creates drama, style, and the mood of the event.  The fabric of your train will determine how it looks, glides and enhances your attire. There are no right or wrong answers when choosing a train style, just make sure you feel comfortable in the style you choose.

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