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Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

Quick tips to save money on your wedding from Tulle Lux Bridal.

Planning a wedding and trying to save money are two things that don't usually mix well but you can have your dream wedding on a budget with some thought about what you must have and what you can work around.  So let's see a few thought tips to help out.

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1. From the beginning, the first thing is the guest list, how many guests are you inviting? can you pair down the list to reduce the expenses?

2. Choose your wedding date season and pick a place  - can you have the wedding outdoors? in a backyard? at a park pavilion? using a tent? local venue that has a large indoor room.

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3. Combine the ceremony and reception location to save time and money on expensive limos, decorating two spaces, setting up two spaces.

4. Look online for coupon codes and discounts before you buy any wedding dress accessories or decorations.

5. Save on the invites by sending your  "Save the Date" online, easy to keep track of, fast to do.

6. Find a free wedding budget planner like Zola to help keep the budget on track.

7. Go to your local craft shop and make your decorations using satin ribbons and tulle to string up, decorate glassware with gold or silver glitter, use mini lights to string for effect, choose a color scheme with 3 basic colors, one color should be a neutral tone, an example - gold, white, pink

8.  Make your own bridal bouquets and centerpieces using synthetic flowers that look real, they will be a lasting memento you can use decorating your new space. Potted plants for table centerpieces are a nice table giveaway at the end of the reception and no clean up for you.

bridal bouquet

9. Have friends and family take photos with their phones and assign your wedding party special parts of the wedding you want lots of photos from. Set up a photo booth for your guests using a simple garden trellis or hanging clothes rack on wheels to move easily and put a backdrop on using fabric, sheets or paper.

10. Make a flower wall for a photo backdrop with pre-made flower panels which snap together to form a wall.

flower wall for weddings

11.  Choose easy low cost foods like pastas, have a make to order station with breakfast items for morning events or dinner items for evening events. Use a local restaurant to cater your event.

12. Have a dessert bar with individual items to grab, like a cake pop stand with a small wedding cake to cut and buy a large sheet cake to cut and serve your guests. 

cake pop stand

13. Have a coffee and tea bar to encourage less alcohol use, have just a champagne toast only.

14. If you need to have alcohol, just using beer and wine saves money. Limit the selections, hire a local wait staff person to monitor, pour and serve to avoid a self help bar which can get used up fast.

15. Shop online for your bridal dress and accessories, save money with their coupon codes and the fact they do not pay for a brick and mortar shop so prices are competitive and the selection choices are greater.

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16.  Make your own playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and use a friend's electronic device to be the sound system and DJ.  Designate someone to help cue the music for first dance or special moments.

17. Looking for live music, hire a duet or classical guitar player.

18. Wedding favors - do you need them? it's nice to do but are guests really in need of a special take home gift. Today photos on cellphones make the best memories but if you want a simple, nice favor, buy inexpensive flower seed packets, print out your personal label to put on the seed packet front and this will be a nice wedding favor which guests can put in a pot or plant outside and enjoy the flowers.

party tag

19. Have a shorter celebration, end by planning an exit at a certain time. Most guests will be happy with a shorter reception.  

20. The MOST IMPORTANT TIP EVER! ENJOY your wedding day, relax, have fun, talk with guests, take plenty of photos and be proud of a successful day and happy guests.


written by Tulle Lux staff member AL 4.19.2021



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