How to Start Planning Your Wedding


Here are some tips to get you started

on planning your wedding day. 

Let's start at the beginning!

Tip#1 - Get Organized !

If you don't usually use a calendar or planner, get one! 

The easiest way to keep it all on track is with a monthly planner where you can go back and see when you talked with the florist, or ordered your cake. 

Likewise you can put future timelines on the planner so you stay on track and don't forget payment deadlines, scheduled services, important meetings, etc.

Tip#2 - Develop a Budget 

This is key before you go and hire any service or facility you must know how much you have to spend so you don't overspend on one area. 

You will need funds for your attire, your facility, food, photographer, possibly entertainment, invitations, flowers & cake.  

This may sound like a lot but don't despair.  Many very happy weddings occur with a little DIY and if your lucky, family to join in. 

Maybe you have a cousin who is a great photographer who would love to snap pics or better yet, give each table a task to take photos at their table and send to you.  

So if your budget is limited, look around at the talents your friends and family have who would love to contribute to your happy day!

Tip#3 - Who to Invite !

Depending on your budget, this is where you need to either narrow down the guest list or try to fill the seats! 

Start with family and work your way out to friends and colleagues whom you wish to attend.

This is also the time to figure out your wedding party attendants.

Tip#4 - Send out the Invites 

You need to know how many before you can consider the venue, whether it's your backyard or a banquet hall, be sure to give a proper RSVP time for you to plan.

Tip#5 - Find your place 

This is where budget meets the heart.  Be sure to know how far in advance a facility needs to be reserved and a deposit made.

Find out what services they offer and what services may be included with your event like a wedding day coordinator, service people and other perks.

Tip#6- What will you wear ?

Most wedding dresses and bridesmaid outfits need to be ordered months in advance. 

Today with online shopping, a dress can be made to tailer fit your party. 

If you choose to shop online, a good idea is to get your measurements done by a professional or use a helpful chart like this one -

Tip#7 - Who is doing the rest ?

Now it's time to find your vendors.  You may need a florist, DJ, cake maker, photographer, a caterer. 

Use your planner to keep track of deposits, meetings and final payments and agreed to contracts. 

If you are using an outside vendor for a service it's really good to have a written contract with all money deposits and services listed.

We hope this gets you started with your special day and for all your bridal accessories, please visit our collections.

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