Should I Wear A Wedding Crown? Popular Hair Accessories for 2021

Should I Wear A Wedding Crown? Popular Hair Accessories for 2021

It's all about the dress, the look, the style you want to create for your wedding day. 

Are you unsure what style looks best on you?  Do you have the dress and now want to accessorize?

Right now, wedding crowns, tiaras and hair vines are perfect accessories to finish your look and give you a special unique style.  So what's popular now and for 2021?

Hair Vines are all the rage, they compliment many style weddings from country, boho and more traditional events.  


Hair vines are easy for your hair dresser to incorporate into your hair-do for the big day and they are extremely affordable and can be used again for other events like a New Year's eve party.



Headbands are popular right now because of their versatility and many choices available.



Headbands and head crowns come with crystal elements, faux pearls and silk flowers.






Trends in crowns and tiaras have been popularized by modern royal weddings and continue to have a strong fashion presence in formal and informal weddings. 

Due to the covid crisis worldwide, many cannot have the big venue wedding and as a result, brides want something extra special to wear whether getting married on a beach or backyard with family, a crown is a special keepsake to remember the day and you can get a quality unique crown or tiara for little investment.

Full crowns have become more popular.  A full crown is a complete circle that sits at the top of your head.  The crown has loop holes to pin it to your hair.



Half crowns are just the front with 2 side arms of metal with either hair combs attached or loops for veils and pins to attach on the side of your head.



Tiaras are similar to half crowns in that they have the side arms with loops or hair combs to attach to your hair. 

They sit perfectly centered on your forehead and add a more princess like feel to your style. The center usually rises up higher than the rest of the crown in a point.


Silver Princess Crystal Rhinestone Tiara Crown


Today, crowns, tiaras, headbands and hair combs come in all sorts of materials like crystal, cubic zirconia, pearls, silk flowers, colorful beading and delicate trim work. 

Most bridal hair wearables are made by hand due to the nature of adhering small pieces to a framework.

Should you wear a crown? It's all up to you and remember you might not be able to wear the dress again but your hair wearable might find another special night to put your style on display again.





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