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Say YES to a Backyard Wedding Event

Say YES to a Backyard Wedding Event

Fairytale weddings can still happen during this pandemic so before you postpone till 2021 consider a backyard wedding.  There are unlimited things you can do to create a romantic, magical and intimate event.  

Look at your available backyard. First, make sure it gets mowed 2 days before the event, then you can set up day before with your props!

Use as many flower pots as you can and use seasonal flowers.  These can be later added around your own home or given to wedding party members or people who helped make your event happen. To cover the pots, use tulle for a soft romantic look, it's inexpensive, comes in many colors and easy to find.

Consider renting a white tent in case of rain.  If you are using the yard for the ceremony and reception, set up for the reception and guests will view your ceremony from their table.  Another option is having no regular tables and chairs but use high rise small tables for no more than 4 people to gather around and they can put a drink or small plate on the high rise. Rent table linens or buy large sheets for inexpensive table cloth covers.

Lights are very effective in creating atmosphere. String lights from the center of the tent to the outer tent edges for ambience and decoration.


Use the trees, shrubs and fences to hang fairy lights or lanterns. If you have a special tree, hang a chandelier with battery electric candles over you for the ceremony, makes a great photo op.


Banners which can be bought or made quickly fill up empty spaces with fun and color. Decorate a plain banner with hand written words of love.  String a clothes line with clothes pins you can paint any color and clip photos of the two of you or family for guests to look at.  Invite guests to bring their own favorite photo of you and them to hang on the memory line.

Take one section of the yard and use that for the ceremony and place where wedding party can hang out. 

An archway with silk ribbons flowing off of it and silk flowers is an affordable and elegant way to decorate the archway using your wedding colors.

Archways can be bought or you can make one.  If there is a normal size swing set, take the swings down and that makes a perfect sized archway, no building involved.  You can also use wire and attach balloons and tulle to form the archway.  


Use an existing garden arches to hang silk, tulle or flowers on.

If planning a bar, Pinterest has loads of DIY ideas.  Consider serving a champagne toast only to save $$. If you are serving food,  the safe way right at the moment is to have a caterer make up covered dinners or lunches for guests.  Maybe even better and affordable is just having hors d'oeuvres. 

To form special areas, use small shrubs or trees in pots which can be planted later and again be used to give to your helpers as a "Thank You" gift.

Use an old picture frame and put a "Welcome" sign with flowers around it as the entry to your special event. 

For social distancing using a large field, have your guests form a circle with their cars and they stay with their car while the ceremony is performed.  This will create the wedding reception boundaries.  Have your guests take photos from their unique perspective and that will help create a memorable wedding album. Use the center space for first dance and cake cutting.  Use a caterer that can drop off a food package to each car, decorated with DIY from you.

Instead of guests bringing gifts, have a box which guests can drop cards, maybe suggest gift cards from well wishers as the gift. This can sit for several days if you are concerned about handling the items and is eco friendly alternative to buying and using wrapping papers and paper gift boxes.

No matter big or small, a backyard wedding can be more personal, beautiful and affordable.

Have any ideas you have used?  Drop a comment below!

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