Reassurance For Brides of 2020

WE just felt like we had to say something to all the brides out there. We know this is a difficult time for many brides who have Spring & Summer weddings planned.  We want all of you to know that we are all in this together and the covid-19 pandemic will end and you will have the wedding of your dreams.

We care about each and everyone of you planning a major event and would like to offer you hope and our prayers, your event will be even more special and joyous when the day finally arrives.

Rest assured that we are getting products out to customers as many items are handmade overseas where people are back to work and working very hard.  We promise, if you order from us, unless there is a major disruption in US supply chains, your item will get to you on our standard shipping times.

So please, we read many sad stories on Facebook, chin up ladies & gents, you will have a beautiful wedding day with so much love and appreciation from going through tough times and coming out on the other side looking gorgeous, of course!

Tulle Lux Bridal Staff 


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