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New Bridal Fashion Trend, Shoulder Shawls for 2021

New Bridal Fashion Trend, Shoulder Shawls for 2021

2021 Bridal trends of adding a shoulder shawl or shrug to your wedding day attire can add glamour, elegance and give you a bridal accessory you can easily remove or add on during your event.  Adding a wrap or shawls to your bridesmaid dresses can add color and a great keepsake gift they can wear later.

We believe the latest fashion trend for 2021 wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride attire is the amazing option of adding a shoulder shawl, lace cape or shrug to a gown or dress making a dramatic change in your bridal look.  

bridal tulle cape

Bridal shoulder shrugs or shawls come in many different sizes, colors and styles with lace, crystals and fabric choices. This tulle and lace sheer shawl features the backless elegant wedding dress. Easy to remove or add during your event.

bridal shoulder shawl

Your simple Summer pretty wedding dress can become stunning and unique with easily removable shrugs or shoulder shawls changing your look instantly from the ceremony to reception.

bridal shoulder shrug

Strapless dresses look amazing with sheer bridal shawls like this one featuring tiny hand sewn pearls.

shoulder bridal shawl

Make a simple dress elegant with adding a lace shoulder shawl for the wedding ceremony.

bridal dress shawl

A lace cape is a chic boho alternative to a veil. Capes come in mid length like you see here or full length. 

lace bridal wedding cape

A sheer full length chiffon bridal cape that closes delicately in front creates a flowing and romantic image when walking down the aisle. 

long sheer bridal cape

Straight wraps have advantages of being a one size fits all, some in many different colors and embellishments and they don't add too much to your bridal attire budget. Chiffon, silks and satins add the glamour, set the stage for your wedding party.

bridal shoulder wrap

bridesmaid shoulder wrap

bridal shoulder jacket

For the mother of the bride, a simple chiffon wrap adds elegance to basic dresses and most come in many colors to match your wedding party color theme.

shoulder shrug

Bolero jackets are a flattering practical addition to your bridal outfit and come in many styles and fabrics from lace to satin, short or long flaire sleeves.

short bolero bridal jacket

short bolero jacket


For Fall and Winter weddings, capes, fur stoles and wraps are a popular attire addition and most can be worn after your wedding to future formal events.

faux fur wedding wrap

faux fur wedding wrap

faux fur bridal shawl

fur bridal wrap

long hooded bridal cape

long white fur bridal cape

There is a wrap, jacket, stole, shrug or shawl for all seasons, easy to wear, easy to size, a unique alternative to add to your bridal wedding day outfit and the perfect keepsake to wear again at your next formal event.





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