How to Choose a Wedding Veil

Matching the perfect veil to your dress is easier

if you know some wedding veil

style terms! 

You want to choose a veil that is complimentary to your dress

and  veils have many lengths, styles and embellishments to take into consideration.

Let's start some veil terminology -

The Birdcage Veil -

This veil is typically a very short veil that

comes down to your chin. 

It is a vintage look which can be worn

across your face or swept off on the side.

The Blusher Veil - is a single layer worn over

the face for the groom or dad to lift up to

reveille the brides face.

The Shoulder Length Veil - most measure 20 - 22

inches in length, this is perfect for dresses

that have detailing on the back like

bead work you want everyone to see. 

The veil should rest on your shoulders

and are considered a little less formal.


The Elbow Length Veil - about 25-32 inches, 

this veil will extend to your elbows,

of course.  The nice feature of these veils

is that the veil ends where the full skirt

of your dress begins, good for full ballgown

type dresses.


The Fingertip Veil - this is a longer veil that

should extend to your fingertips. 

It's complimentary style gives you a longer veil

but still allows your gown to be the main event.


The Knee Length Veil - of course should fall

to the knee area, about 48 inches in length,

this veil covers more of the dress and goes

well with dresses with less of a train.

The Waltz Veil - a longer veil but still not full length,

these are more economical and gives you a little

extra to your look, goes nicely with dresses that

do not have a train.

The Floor Length Veil - we can break these down into 2 categories,

the Chapel Length and the Cathedral Length.

Both are known to be worn at a more formal

affair and offer dramatic entrances.

The Chapel length veil is 90+ inches and is a full veil. 

Be sure to measure where your veil will be placed

on your head as this could make your veil to long

if not measured correctly to match your tiara or

hair piece.

The Cathedral veil is a well known full length

veil that measures up to 120+ inches. 

This veil is worn best with a cathedral length gown. 

Consider royal weddings, you may have seen the bride

walking down the aisle with a long train and veil

over the train or with attendants holding the train. 

Best with very formal affairs!

The Mantilla veil is a veil made of silk, lace or tulle

and has a lace edge all around the veil with a hair

combs to secure it in your hair.

The lace frames the face and is usually elbow to

finger length veil.

Here is our chart to sum up the veils - 

Wedding Veil Styles by Length

  • Bird Cage Wedding Veil: 4-9" 

  • Blusher Wedding Veil: 30" 

  • Shoulder-Length Wedding Veil: 20-22" 

  • Elbow Wedding Veil: 25-32" 

  • Fingertip Wedding Veil: 38-40"

  • Knee-Length Veil: 45-48" 

  • Waltz Wedding Veil: 60" 

  • Floor-Length Wedding Veil: Chapel 90+", Cathedral 120+or -"


How wide should your veil be?

Most veils are 54 or 72 inches wide. 

Depending on your gown and veil style, this will

determine how wide the veil should be to look the

most beautiful on you. 

You can have a wider veil that give a look of a very full amount

of veil on top of your head.   

Most of those are 108 inches and look best with off

the should gowns.


Last tips on picking a veil -

1. the veil is a compliment to your dress, not the main focus

2. think about your hair style first before choosing a veil   

3. pick out your tiara or hair piece and then pick out the veil

4.  think about the style and length of your gown and match

     with our chart


Thanks for reading our post and we hope we provided

some useful information! 

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