How to Choose A Jumpsuit For Your Wedding Day

How to Choose A Jumpsuit For Your Wedding Day

A jumpsuit is a one piece dressy outfit which can be fitted or made

with stretchy material.  They are the new modern alternative to the

traditional wedding dress, often costing less and able to wear again

on the plane or on the honeymoon and come in many styles from

lace to tulle, pants are in!

 wedding day jumpsuitwedding day jumpsuit

Why wear a jumpsuit?

  • Jumpsuits are easy to dance in and comfortable to wear.

  • You may be able to wear the jumpsuit again for other events in your life.

  • Easier to pack than a wedding dress for a destination wedding.

  • The hour glass figure is most suited for a jumpsuit suggesting that your waist is slimmer than hips and chest. 

  • Originally, the jumpsuit was created for parachuters to jump from planes but soon became popular due to their comfortable functionality for modern day life.

wedding day jumpsuit wedding day jumpsuit

Finding the right jumpsuit as a bride can be challenging, you must take into consideration your sizing, fabric and what you want covered. 

Jumpsuits can run the fashion stylings from revealing and sexy to modest. 


A few things to think about when looking at wedding jumpsuits:

  • What time of year is your wedding? 

  • Spring Summer weddings, lace is a breathable material, light weight when it's hot.

  •  A lace bodice with no back or low back works for a hot climate. 

  • Some jumpsuit come in short size legs which also beat the heat.

 wedding day jumpsuitwedding jumpsuit

Fall and Winter weddings in a jumpsuit:

  • You may want long sleeves and long pants.

  • Be stylish with deep V front and backs, collars, flared pants legs or legs with splits. 

  • Flared legs and legs with splits make the jumpsuit easier to wear and can be more comfortable to dance in while adding style to your attire.

The material used in the jumpsuit:

  • The fabric will tell you how stretchy the outfit will be.

  • Crepe satins or poly blends tend to give more stretch.

  • Since some jumpsuits are more fitted than others with waistlines that don’t give, you should know your sizing to get the best fit.

 wedding day jumpsuitwedding day jumpsuit

Some other questions to consider:

  • Are you a fitted pants person with a center pleat or into the wide leg style?  

  • Some jumpsuit have waist sashes and other do not.  Do you want a wide or narrow waist sash?

  • Do you want a fitted waist? 

  • The train is also a consideration, do you want a train, can a train be added and removed after the ceremony if needed for dancing or travel?

  • If you do want a train, how long do you want it? 

  • Do you want a full train or just material on the sides of the jumpsuit?

  • The fabric - do you want a lace train or tulle train or a train in the same fabric as the jumpsuit?


wedding day jumpsuitwedding day jumpsuit

Shoes are an important decision with your wedding jumpsuit, why?

  • Unlike most floor length wedding dresses, everyone may be seeing your shoes.

  • Figure out what shoe height are you comfortable with.

  • Nude or same color shoes as the jumpsuit will blend in better.

  • Have two pairs of shoes, one for the ceremony and one for the reception.


Since jumpsuits tend to be more casual attire, adding accessories may not be necessary.

  • Add simple jewelry and bouquet. 


Jumpsuits are a fun, fashionable and forgiving on your budget for the modern day wedding attire that you may even be able to wear again.

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