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Confetti! Go Green With This Wedding Tradition!

Confetti! Go Green With This Wedding Tradition!

Celebrate the tradition of Confetti throwing but in a eco-friendly way - we all want to go green and DIY wedding projects are popular.  Here is one tradition you can definitely go green with!

We all want to go green and DIY wedding projects are popular.  Here is one tradition you can definitely go green with!

When your guests send you off to your new happy lives as you leave the ceremony, give your guest eco-friendly confetti to thrown as a celebration of prosperity and a symbol of fertility.

Confetti gives that happy party look and your guests something to do as you leave the ceremony.

Here are a few eco-friendly ideas for your confetti throwing guests - 

Bird Seed - it's eco friendly, clean and your feathered friends will love you.  It's also fairly inexpensive to buy, put the seeds in a bio degradable drawstring bag, there are many sizes & colors available.

Dried Flowers - easy to crush into little confetti like flakes, coordinate a colored dried flower with your wedding theme colors, the petals will be biodegradable and little if any clean up will be necessary.

Blow Bubbles - a fun and festive way for your send off and if children are attending, they will love this, image thousands of bubbles drifting through the air and again, no clean up necessary.

Coconut Flakes - looks like rice but much more eco-friendly, but some are allergic to coconut so check with guests to be on the safe side.

Streamer Ribbons - paper ribbons attached to a short pole, you can find these at party stores in many different colors and guests can keep them as a favor from your wedding.

Bio-degradable glitter flakes - lots of shops on Etsy that sell these products or you can make this yourself, visit Pinterest for helpful videos on the subject. 

Be sure to check with your wedding venue first about their policies regarding throwing anything, some places may want you to clean up afterwards.

So throw the confetti, have a celebration and do it in a way that's good our environment, nature will thank you.

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