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Choosing Your Wedding Day Bridal Hair Accessories

Choosing Your Wedding Day Bridal Hair Accessories

Need a little help choosing a bridal headpiece for your dress?  Matching a headpiece to a wedding dress is not something we do often.  Here is a quick guide on bridal hair accessories.

Need a little help choosing a bridal headpiece for your dress?

Matching a headpiece to a wedding long sleeve diamond dress is not something anyone does to often.

Here is a quick guide on bridal hair accessories.

Let's start -
Bridal Barrette or Hair Comb

Choose a hair comb or barrette that will stay in your hair. 

If your hair is thin, a smaller light weight plastic comb will do.

For thick hair and full veils, a four or five inch metal or plastic

comb is suitable. 

To make a comb more secure use hair spay.

For long hair, make a pin curl in the center crown of

the head using bobby pins to attach. 

Slide the comb into the pin curl or make a small pony

tail across the crown of your hair to slide comb into. 

This will help keep the hair jewelry in place.

Pins can be a beautiful adornment to long or medium hair.

They work best with an up do or bun.

Slide the pins into the hair at an angle for best results.

Head Jewels or Chain Crowns are popular, easy to wear

and add a different kind of style to your attire.

They can be as elaborate or simple as you like. 

They go great with a boho style wedding dress

and you might be able to wear it again to parties.

Flowers or Fascinators - a modern look, best suited

to shorter dresses, casual events.  They attached

to the side of the head with a small clip or pin.

Bridal Headbands - are flexible bands that sit in the

middle of the head.  The headband should match the

style of the dress.  They can be embellished with pearls

and crystal or fabric florals, bead patterns.

They can have a trailing ribbon for more effect. 

Shorter veils look best with Headbands, like a birdcage

or blusher veil.

Hair Wreaths and Floral Crowns - perfect for

outdoor events, casual wedding settings, boho or

country style weddings.  They can be colorful, matched

to bridal party colors or wedding theme colors.


Bridal Tiaras and Crowns - the most beautiful, sparkling

tiaras and crowns can make a fairytale wedding. 

A crown is a enclosed ring that sits on top of the head. 


A Tiara is a front crown usually with 3 points, although

today we have many modern versions of tiaras that

the 3 points do not stand out as much.  Either way, both

are beautiful, both can be encrusted with pearls and

crystals, have beads and different metal colors.

Veils can easily be attached to either.


If you want to wear the crown or tiara without the veil

at your reception, try using velcro to detach the veil.

The stick on velcro can be easily removed from the

crown after the wedding service.

Be sure to practice with your bridal hair accessories

before the wedding day so you know that will go

smoothly when hands may be nervous and time

seems to fly by, the best prep you can do on these

extras like hair accessories will make things go

smoother on the wedding day!



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