4 Overlooked Wedding Areas at the Reception

4 Overlooked Wedding Areas at the Reception

First impressions are important and with a little extra effort you can make a guest feel welcomed and impressed.  Here are some areas you can add your extra touch to.

Powder Rooms - so important, especially to the gals, put a small vase with fresh flowers on the counter and a basket with things that may come in handy for your guests like hair spray, individual hand wipes, breath mints, tissues, nail files, hand lotion, small hand mirror.  And don't forget the men, add a basket with mints, deodorant, some combs, a little aftershave perfume and maybe some asprinin.

Walkways - if your guests are walking down a walkway into the reception, put tiny solar lights out for a little ambience at night events, for day space out resin containers with seasonal flowers that can be planted a week before your event and delivered day of.  If you want to use candles, check with your reception coordinator first to make sure it is safe to have candles. Check out walking areas before you book your venue, are they clean, no ugly utility boxes or other eye soars? 

For outdoor events, decorate any garden elements like archways, gates, fence with a swag of almost anything from cloth fabric, artificial flowers, tulle, lace or a pretty sign.

Are any of your guests handicap?  Be sure to know before booking a reception if you are going to have a handicap guest that they will have equal access to the venue.  Check for ramps, elevators, lifts.

All the people that make your event great deserve some food! Please feed your vendors, they are working hard for sometimes long hours and could use a little nourishment to keep putting their best foot forward at your wedding! They will appreciate you for that!


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